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A Passion For Helping Others

Growing up as the eighth of twelve children, Cate had ample opportunity, from day one, to observe human behavior. Cate started journaling while still young, and often received recognition from teachers and friends for her creative writing skills. After starting her professional career as a teacher of languages (degrees in French and English), she went off on a tangent to own and manage multiple businesses, including a multi-million dollar medical equipment company, a real estate investment firm, and an FAA certified flight school. Cate sold her businesses in 2012 and saw her youngest son off to college. She then decided it was time to get back to her first and greatest love: that of writing. Cate's writing encompasses many genres, including poetry, fiction, creative writing, essays, and spiritual guidance, and she has been published in magazines about aviation, motorcycling, parenting, and spiritual living. In 2013, she published her first book, Silent Sky, a legal-lite mystery set in Seattle. Although she was well down the road of writing the sequel to Silent Sky, as well as an adventure story about her time living in Italy, she took a detour to write the book she felt the world needed most right now: Soul Primer, Building Blocks of the Soul, which was published in 2020.Through her mentoring, educating, guiding employees, raising children, teaching people how to fly, and life coaching, Cate eventually stepped into the full realization of her special mission here on Earth. Her passion for helping and empowering others is woven throughout her writings.

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Cate Schultz Author

Step Into Your Power...

For many years, I convinced myself I didn't have time to follow my passion for writing…. Between running multiple businesses, trying to be the perfect wife, and embracing the role of super mom to my three kids, I let my first love be pushed to the side. Picking up my pen again brought me home. Writing helps me understand where I've been and why I've been there. I love using words to empower myself and others to live our best lives, whether it be through wise quotes, evocative poetry, creative envisioning, or spiritual guiding. Through writing and coaching, I am on a mission to help each one of us remember why we are here and to step fully into our own power and our own divinity. Your life is a sacred adventure, a unique story, a song only you can sing. The world needs you to remember and share your message with the rest of us. You are not here by chance. You have a part to play…. Reach out to me if you are looking for ways to remember your own story or sing your own song again. And do check out my newest project, Soul Primer, an ABC book for learning (or enhancing!) the soul skills that lead to living a beautiful life.


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