I love to help people and have been doing so all my life. From an early age, I was a natural mentor; thanks to college I became a teacher; through training I became a Life Coach; and from working with Shamans I became a Sage.

My writings stem from my training and, even more importantly, from my own life experiences and my observations of others. I write to entertain and empower. I write to illuminate and enlighten. Much of my writing happens at 3am, when my angel muse flies by and brushes me with her wings … and much of it is the result of daily meditation sessions.

Sometimes, the words seem to be handed down to me, such as with many poems and inspirational writings. The term for this kind of writing is "Spontaneous Inspired Creativity," and I thank my guides for blessing me with their words.

I hope you, too, will be blessed by these words.

Love, Cate


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