Local Businesses I Love!

I highly recommend the following businesses, people, and artists because they do great work and they also have good hearts that create communities where all can thrive.

Please support artists and small-town businesses. They are your neighbors, working hard to make the world more beautiful and to keep communities alive and vibrant, for you to enjoy.

  • STOMPIN’ GROUNDS COFFEE: Located in La Conner, WA, they sell all kinds of cool art creations, in addition to great coffee and yummy snacks. They LOVE Soul Primer and so do their customers. Be sure to visit these awesome members of the “World Transformation Team.”
  • WATERMARK BOOK COMPANY: In Anacortes, WA, this is another great small bookstore that is keeping the fire burning for brick and mortar locations to see and touch real books before buying. They have a collection of beautiful things beyond books (journals, puzzles, curios, etc) as well as a special package deal for Soul Primer with matching journal.
  • VISION QUEST BOOKSTORE: This beautiful store is so much more than books. It is the place to find precious gems, crystals, tarot card, candles, prayer flags, incense, essential oils, and so much more. And of course, Soul Primer in both hardback and paperback. Check them out!
  • SUSAN COHEN THOMPSON, ARTIST: Susan’s art is featured in my book, Soul Primer: Building Blocks of the Soul, as well as many of her lovely doodles, and leafy letters too. Susan and I connected right away as nature-loving humans, artists, and students of native/Shamanic traditions. Please check out her website for paintings, ceramics, and more.
  • JACK GUNTER, ARTIST: I featured Jack’s art in my book, Soul Primer: Building Blocks of the Soul, because Jack is extraordinarily talented, extremely smart, and exceptionally kind. See Jack’s website for unique paintings, sculptures, unusual furniture, and books too.
  • JUDITH SHAW, ARTIST: Judith is based in Albuquerque and I discovered her, rather unusually, through a bizarre reindeer episode. Judith’s art is both whimsical and spiritual, inspired by nature, ancient wisdom, goddess power, and sacred geometry. Judith provided art for my book, Soul Primer: Building Blocks of the Soul, as well as both the front and back covers for the book.
  • RISTRETTOS COFFEE LOUNGE AND WINE BAR: Ristrettos was one of the first to carry my new book, Soul Primer, Building Blocks of the Soul, and has been selling them like hotcakes ever since. The owners, Sean and Colleen are super people, as are all the staff who work there – very community-minded and working to make the world a better and more beautiful place.
  • SEAPORT BOOKS: This quaint little bookstore, located in the historic town of La Conner, is a great place to order my book, Soul Primer: Building Blocks of the Soul. The owner, Janna, is salt of the earth, and will happily ship my book, or any other, direct to you. PLEASE SUPPORT LOCAL BOOKSTORES!
  • SKAGIT VALLEY SLABHAUS: Go here to find the coolest pieces of wood for those special projects. All wood is reclaimed – trees are not being killed to stock this business! AND, the owners are super nice and have a heart for making our world a better place.
  • GRAFFITI GARAGE HAND-PAINTED GUITARS: Nancy will paint your guitar (or just about anything!) to make it a work of art. Special and unique, and Nancy is a kind and generous soul.
  • SUPERCHARGE MARKETING: If you are in need of a new or spruced up website contact Matt Cail at Supercharge Marketing. He’ll listen and create just what you are looking for in a reasonable time frame and for a fair price. Plus he can host and upkeep the site so you don’t have to worry about it.