Soul Primer: Building Blocks of The Soul

Soul Primer

is an

ABC book for adults

but great for kids too!


Soul Primer provides a complete guide for personal growth to tune and transform your life in manageable daily steps, leading you through 26 important concepts (one for each letter of the alphabet). Each week, read only one page of text and practice the easy exercises to raise awareness and begin to incorporate, or continue to deepen, these critical skills in your life.

True to the ABC format, Soul Primer includes beautiful art with each letter to enhance your experience with the journey. Whether it be learning to meditate, find joy, be kinder, let go of fears, or any of the 22 other practices, much can be gained by studying and practicing through the pages of Soul Primer.

In a world that suffers from seemingly never-ending wars, famines, refugees, violence, and hopelessness, we must realize that each of us plays a part in helping the world evolve. New regimes and new governmental plans will not, alone, change our world.

Change starts with you. One by one, we must learn and practice the skills found in Soul Primer and begin the positive change that will improve our lives and our world.

Soul Primer Cate Schultz
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Imagine you were in charge of building a house you must occupy for the rest of your days...

You would need certain skills and tools to execute the job well. You would need to know how to saw wood, pound a nail, lay electrical wire, pour concrete, install plumbing, etc. If you built the house without these skills, it wouldn’t be long before you were having to call in experts to fix the things that were not working properly.

Similarly, certain skills are required to build a life you must occupy for the rest of your days, which is what all of us are tasked with doing.

Unfortunately, most of us are not taught the skills or given the tools to live a trouble-free life. We are taught to read and write and do math, but we are not taught soul skills. Without these basics, we may find ourselves struggling through the events of our lives, or having to call in experts (therapists, counselors, coaches) to fix the things that are not working properly.

Soul Primer is designed to teach you the building blocks you need to build a life. Just as we learn the building blocks of the alphabet in order to read well, we learn the building blocks of the spirit in order to live well.

In Soul Primer, critical life skills are distilled down to their essential drops, resulting in only one page of text to read per week. Each week, practice the easy exercise, enjoy the heart-opening art, and repeat the inspirational affirmations to raise awareness and begin to seat the soul skill in your being.

Living from the soul is a joyful, life-long journey that increases your personal well-being and also benefits those around you and, indeed, the world at large.